Criminal Justice Research

At the heart of YCJE is research in the criminal justice field. This part of the site lists current projects we are working on.

Featured Research: Criminal justice economics
This whole site is based on the premise that there is a coherent body of applied economics that can usefully be bundled together under the name ‘Criminal Justice Economics’. Much of the research highlighted on the site falls more or less easily into this bag. But there are some topic areas in particular that seem to fit the category very neatly. This is research that begins with the classic work by G Becker on the economics of crime but uses a richer characterisation of offending decisions. By allowing for dynamic effects, particularly reputational effects, and also taking account of findings from the psychology literature on impulsive, poorly planned or short-sighted behaviour these models provide a link between the empirical evidence on offender characteristics and offending decisions.

Projects & publications
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