Cyber Monday 2015 UK - Consumer habits & Cybercrime in the digital age

Publication Type: Independent research

Publication Summary:
Recent consumer data published by a UK based 'Cyber Monday' online deals aggregator (Cyber Monday) has pointed to year-on-year growth in the UK Black Friday/Cyber Monday market of over 140% over the last 3 years. With the staggering rise of the pre-Christmas online sales phenomenon has also come an annual flurry of fraudulent activity trying to take advantage of consumers desperate not to miss out on an unmissable digital deal. In this report we look at just why the industry saw online shopping fraud rise over the holiday season last year by 42 per cent and why Cybercrime has become the UK's single most common offence. What will be the resultant effects on online cyber security and criminal justice legislation related to this kind of fraud? Has cybercrime reached it's tipping point or is the online world only becoming more dangerous? These are both key questions we will address in the report.

The report entitled 'Cyber Monday 2015 UK - Consumer habits & Cybercrime in the digital age' is due to be published in 2016

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